Kingdom Craze – Comprehensive Overview And Review.

Kingdom Craze Review by David, a full-time internet marketer from San Diego, CA.

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Hey guys, thanks for stopping by at my Kingdom Craze review page. On this page I will give you all you need to know about the exciting new KC launch, the gaming system, and earning potential for the users.

The site is set to officially launch on 5/1/2013 and it will revolutionize the home based business industry!  I kid you not, that is how powerful this gaming network will be when it launches.

Let’s dive right in!

What is Kingdom Craze?

Kingdom Craze is a gaming network that let’s you earn while you play games!  There are many games in different genres that are part of the KC gaming network.  While you play those games within this network, you earn points to use to purchase estates (Hovels, Villages, Manors, Fiefs, and Kingdoms), and or convert to real dollars.

The ultimate goal in Kingdom Craze is to purchase as much estate as you can.  The more estate you have, the more points you can earn daily.  However, there are more ways to earn points than just playing games and buying estates.  You can build up points exponentially by creating alliances with others (i.e. referring people into your tribe).  Within your tribe, the lower ranked / newer members pay a small monthly tribute to the referrer, until the lower ranked member surpass the referrer in ranking.

Sounds complicated but it’s really simple.  Let me summarize:

You play games to earn points.  You refer members into this gaming network and when they earn points you earn a portion of their points monthly, until they surpass you in ranking.  You can also buy “estates” to help you grow point balance automatically.  All points convert to real life dollar value.

Easy enough?


How Does The Site Make Money?

Kingdom Craze gaming network is funded by banner advertisements.  KC has secured various corporate advertisement contracts with major brands.  Banner advertisement generates revenue for the site and funds the daily payout of tributes and points.  All banner advertisements are family friendly, so kids can play safely on the site.

Kingdom Craze also have functions to allow users to purchase points with real money to purchase estates and upgrades.  KC uses Paypal to process payments and disbursements.

So What’s The Big Deal?

If you haven’t already seen the potential earning power of this gaming network let me break it down for you:

First off, social gaming / mobile gaming is a billion dollar business.  Games like Farmville and Mafia Wars are doing HUGE volumes via Facebook ALONE!  Imagine now you can tap into this industry and leverage it to build your business online.

2nd, anybody can realistically come in, join the network for FREE, and start earning money playing games for a couple of minutes a day!  When the barrier of entry is so low, there’s gonna be a lot of participation.  You earn 30% of the points people you bring in directly to your “tribe”, and 10% on the 2nd generation.  As a producer, It’s easy to hit 5 figures a month leveraging this program on the front end.

Yea, did I mention this is a great way to funnel your leads with this low barrier of entry program?


But I Don’t Have An Email List.  I’m Brand New To Making Money Online…

Count yourself lucky that your first venture online is this gangbuster of a program.

The genius founder of Kingdom-Craze also runs 15 different CPA networks!!!  He can generate thousands of highly targeted hot leads for you on-demand for around buck fifty a piece ($1.50 for all you international chaps).  Dump those leads into a high conversion funnel (KC) and you have a solid foundation of a successful online business.

At this point, you know enough to make a decision to join KC.  Get started and follow the instruction I laid out for you on the other side after you register.

You’ll thank me soon enough!


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